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Video Yearbooks


All Video Yearbooks are produced by volunteers and are not professionally done or of professional quality. Duplication of earlier years will be less clear than current years as equipment and ability has improved.

We have done the best we can to provide a video yearbook that will provide you with good memories of the year involved. Overhead video shots and field shots are combined to created each one. Some years are better than others depending upon time and equipment available.

Each video yearbook is priced at $20.00. Part of your Donation ($10.00)will goto the Arizona Band Boosters Endowment Fund in the Arizona Foundation to help the University of Arizona Band. A percentage of the profits of the rest will go to help produce more fund raising products with any excess going to the Endowment Fund.

Video Yearbooks Available
NameDirectorLengthVideo Codes
1985 Pride of ArizonaMr. Steele60 min
1986 Pride of ArizonaMr. Steele60 min
1987 Pride of ArizonaMr. Hermann60 min
1988 Pride or ArizonaMr. Hermann60 min
1991 Pride of ArizonaMr. Hanson60 min
1993 Pride of ArizonaMr. Feldman60 min
1996 Pride of ArizonaMr. Rees100 min
1997 Pride of ArizonaMr. Rees100 min
1998 Pride of ArizonaMr. Rees120 min
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