Bao's Guardian Angel "Loan"

and Loan's "Bao"

The event of the year ...

The deadly expedition to Finger Rock Peak. On the highest mountain in southwest America (Tucson, Arizona), this was accomplished by Bao & his guide Dr. Rumsey as shown in the following nine pictures. Beginning temperature for the day of this great adventure was 80 degrees, but climbed to an uncomfortable 110 by the time we got to the top. That explains why there are not pictures of our final victory of making it to the top. The water bottle broke and damaged the second roll of film that we took along. Our next expedition --- why of course, Mt. McKinley (Alaska). Oh by the way, us two oldies beat five younger climbers --- they all gave up leaving the victory to us alone! The youngie quitters were Katie, Dana, Nat, Graig, and Steve. Oh ya, then one shows me after having a surprise 45th birthday party where I was met with loads of computer paper and a "happy birthday". As you can tell, I wasn't quite awake and wasn't sure what was going on....had just had one loooonnng day! The last one shows me preparing for a good steak dinner!

1-The Goal
2 - Trail Marker
3 - Trail Marker close
4 - Ready to go
1st Set of Pictures
Left to Right
Top then Bottom
5 - Objective-finger in middle
6 - 4 hours later
7 - Another hour down
8 - 45 minutes later
2nd Set of Pictures
9 - Got good guide
10 - Loved Hat & flowers
11 - Surprise Birthday Picture
12 - Preparing Steak
3rd Set of Pictures

Bao has brush with the LAW at Hidden Valley !

Other views of Hidden Valley
and Mt. Lemmon (East mountain range from Finger Rocks Area)

Very Good Friends - Doctor "Bud" & Mary Ann

Midi Song "Neverending Story"

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